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Standard program - 13 to 15 children

Standard program - 13 to 15 children

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Contact us by email or by phone on 07 70 05 66 00 before proceeding  payment of the reservation in order to know the availability of the desired date. You will then be asked to confirm the reservation of your event by paying a deposit up to one third of the total amount: go to secure payment by inserting the "deposit" coupon. See the terms and conditions in the additional information section at the bottom of the page.


Program 2h - Course of your choice among  :


- A character arrival: The pirate adventurer / the wood fairy inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tinker Bell. The animator welcomes and makes up the children who want it, the time of the regrouping

- A 10-minute mini play recalling the Thousand and One Nights inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine, with the participation of the children

- Interactive magic tricks with a worthy cloak, sought after at Hogwarts by Harry Potter

- Lunar show with light effects inspired by the Disney movie: Tron (a room not exposed to light would be preferable for this show)

- Group games of your choice divided between shows with your favorite songs (Fortnite, Wonder Woman, Peppa Pig, Miraculous,  Mickey Minnie, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Avengers, Koh Lanta, Sonic, Mario, Pikachu, Titouni, Fairy, Minions ...)  : dance and song games, duck fishing, treasure hunt, racing games, giant mole games, giant bowling, sack racing, tug of war

- Appearance of the chosen mascot and photo shoot (a real interactive show with your favorite mascot is offered,  with the mascot and cake show option. You will then have an additional hour of entertainment. For children wishing an additional hour of performance and a cake without mascot or show, please refer to the underlined text below).


Depending on demand, can be included in your event free of charge: puppet show, dance show (a 12 minute fun dancing and robot cow costume show with captivating and innovative light effects, backdrops, hat juggling, robot , and clothes specially designed by a stylist A special commemoration "MICHAEL JACKSON" exclusive  with its 3 best hits will be included.)


The designated facilitator will arrive in advance at the venue to prepare the material.


You are kindly requested to write the choice of your mascot in the text field. You can choose from:


-Snow Queen

-Star Wars


-The beauty and the Beast

-Miraculous Lady Bug

-Harry Potter

-Avengers with Iron Man and  Spiderman


Attention, our  mascots are upscale like nowhere else!



-Mario Bros


-Wooden Fairy (friend of the Tinkerbell)

-Pirates of the Caribbean


-Knight and princesses

-Wonderwoman vs Superman

-Peppa Pig

-Mickey and Minnie

-PJ Masks




-Koh Lanta

-Fort Boyard



The delivery of the material that will be used during the event is free. However, travel costs may be added during the final payment on the day of the event. Please refer to the "Transportation and Travel" section below.


Let yourself be invaded by the world of Disney and your favorite mascot superheroes with the additional mascot and cake show option offering you an additional 1 hour of animation! Relive your favorite film passages with your children at home live and in real time. A real show with your favorite mascot is included in the option - thrills and magical moments guaranteed! More information in the "additional options" section below.





  • Additional options

    With the additional mascot show option  : The animator(s) will wear several costumes during the show. The universe of the mascot will be projected on the ceiling thanks to our projector. Games related to the world of the mascot  will be offered. Finally, we will finalize the show with a magic of lights: a moment when the mascot lights up for the greatest happiness.  children.


    For children wishing 3 hours of service (instead of 2 hours) and a cake without a mascot,  it will then be an indoor inflatable structure that will replace them. Please choose the option "3rd hour and Cake to choose", and indicate in the text field "And which mascot would you like?":  no mascot but inflatable structure  and specify the size available so that we can suggest the one that will fit in your home. If you want an outdoor inflatable structure for 3-4 children simultaneously, an additional €20 will be charged. As for the choice of the taste of the cake, please refer to the underlined text below.


    Add all the options to obtain 3h of animation instead of 2h.

    Add the inflatable structure option to obtain 2h30 of animation instead of 2h. (Children will be able to access it during the 2h30).

    Add the cake option  to get 3 hours of entertainment instead of 2 hours. 


    If you choose the cake option, please choose the decoration on the cake. We will thus pass on the information to our cake supplier, renowned throughout France and specialist in refined desserts made in the pure artisanal tradition for 65 years with its 36 traditional pastries in France.

    For any additional information relating to the cake, please contact us.


    If you choose the Deco Kit, piñata, 30 balloons option : Depending on the theme of the Deco Kit chosen, you will have a  decorated piñata filled with gift-surprise toys and packaged candies. But also plates, glasses, napkins and straws decorated according to the theme. 30 large format 8-10 inch latex balloons, a tablecloth or a banner are also included depending on the model chosen. It also includes the rental of giant balloons or multi-balloons in aluminum related to the theme of the Deco Kit. Finally, it includes the rental of costume(s) related to the theme of the mascot . If no mascot chosen, then several themes will be proposed. Please write your choice concerning the theme of the decoration in the assigned text field "If option Kit decoration, which Kit?":


    -Snow Queen


    -Star Wars





    -Harry Potter

    An option external to the service can also be added to your service basket - depending on availability: A Water Slide Mat, ideal for hot and scorching days to delight your children. Please click here for more information.

  • Reservation of the service

    In order to agree on the dates of the entertainment and the children's show, please contact us by telephone or e-mail. Payment of the deposit equal to one third of the total cost of the service will be due. For this, you will need to insert our "deposit" coupon when paying for the reservation. The rest will be payable on the day of the service.


    If you would like to know more, we invite you to contact us first by e-mail or telephone.
    After receiving the date request and payment of the deposit, Cameron Show AnniversaireLand will contact you to confirm the reservation date and the entertainment package selected. It will therefore only be confirmed when we return by e-mail confirmation. For professionals, the deposit is 50% of the total amount (including tax).


    All reservations are final.
    We assume no responsibility for an animation without its written confirmation by us in order to guarantee the requested date. Without receipt of the animation form and the deposit of a reservation deposit, no date can be blocked. 
    Any modification of the fixed date of the animation must be made in writing  before the planned date of the animation.  If you have opted for a cake option, please refer to the section: cancellation policy in order to know the cancellation conditions related to the cake.


    In order to facilitate the processing of customer requests, we kindly ask you to use the booking form. The information on this form is used to process the order. This information will not be passed on to third party companies for any purpose.
    Under an SSL protocol, the deposit is paid securely via Stripe and bank transfer.
    The customer must pay the remaining sum to the organizer at the latest at the end of the event in cash or by check. The facilitator will remind him of the price of the service at the time of payment. 

    The 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. slot being the most requested, the customer will have to pay an additional €15 if he wishes to book for this slot.

    Booking fees of €30 apply for last minute bookings D-5 days, €50 for H-24 and €100 for H-12.

  • Cancellation policy

    Cancellation without cake:

    • Cancellation more than 7 days before the start of the event with medical proof: the deposit will be refunded via Stripe / bank transfer and no fees will be charged. 
    • Cancellation between 7 days and 48 hours  before the start of the event with medical proof: The deposit will be replaced by a credit note, valid for 1 year from the date of announcement. 
    • Cancellation less than 48 hours before the start of the event: the deposit will be charged. 


    Cancellation method related to the cake:

    We reserve the cake with our supplier in advance. If you have booked a cake and mascot show option, one third of the cost of the cake is included in the deposit.

    • If you cancel more than sixteen days before the start of the event: the cake deposit will be refunded via the secure Stripe service and no fees will be charged.
    • If you cancel between eleven and fifteen days before the start of the event: The deposit for the cake will be replaced by a credit note, valid for 1 year from the date of announcement.
    • If you cancel before eleven days, the full amount of the cake as well as costs will be invoiced from the deposit: 150 € for a cake of 24 parts and 25 € for a cake of 12 to 15 parts.
  • Animation conditions

    Cameron Show AnniversaryLand may refuse to provide entertainment if the number of children exceeds the limit indicated by the customer, the organizer may refuse to perform the entertainment on site. In this case, the service remains  due and you will not be able to hold us  responsible for the departure of the facilitator.

    The nanny or the parents cannot act as additional facilitator, because they are not trained in the services sold. For all the activities outside - park or garden below the building, the animator is not responsible for the children because his role is the animation, it is therefore obligatory and necessary that there be the presence of two adults minimum, to supervise and supervise children.

    The facilitator cannot transfer the children from point A to point B, this responsibility is the sole responsibility of the parents.

    If you live in a house and have a swimming pool, it is imperative to provide for the presence of a person with the diplomas and skills required to supervise children in a pool.

    The facilitator cannot in any case make the decision to shorten or lengthen the animation once there. For all these modalities, contact us before the day of the animation or the day of the event.
    Even if the entertainment is shorter than expected, the organizer will never be able to establish a discount at the end of the service.
    In order to succeed and facilitate the smooth running of the animation, our basic formula can accommodate up to 12 children. Beyond that, a supplement is to be expected within the limit of 15 children. The additional cost is 40 EUR already included in the price of the 13 to 15 children program.
    For birthdays of 16 to 24 children, a second organizer will be compulsory for a fee. Cameron  Show AnniversaryLand should be consulted for any duo entertainment proposal. The facilitator can be a man or a woman, depending on availability.
    For activities with 25 or more children, you can consult us. Quotes will be provided with bespoke entertainment programs.   


    Unless prior agreement with the parents, the photos taken by our company during the show will respect the framework of anonymity and will be blurred. 


    The 3D aluminum balloons rented free with the graphics kit, piñata and balloons are the property of Cameron Show AnniversaryLand. They cannot be left with the customer.


    You will be contacted the day before your event. You will be instructed to prepare an annex room to the room where your event will take place, so that our animator (s) can access it at any time and change their costumes. Please respect the costume change time without disturbing our animator (s) because any inconvenience will be deducted from your service time.

    In the event of booking a tailor-made formula for several mascots, apart from the first preparation upon arrival which is not counted, the exchange times will be deducted from the total duration of the service in the same way as the intermissions in theaters. For each mascot, our animator (s) will require (require) 15 to 20min of preparation, change and storage before and for some also, after his (their) visit.

    During exchange times, we will not be able to take care of the children. Thus, the more custom-made mascots you reserve, the more the time allocated for workshops and activities will be reduced for intermissions. 

  • Transportation and travel

    Our animators generally travel by car. No expenses will be requested for events taking place in cities located 15 km by car from our headquarters in Brunoy in the 91 according to Google maps.


    For all animations with mascottaking place outside this area, travel expenses will be charged to the customer. They will be invoiced on the day of the service and calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the location of the event:

    Cities 15km (according to google maps) from our headquarters in Brunoy: free


    Cities between 15 km and 30 km (according to google maps) from our headquarters in Brunoy: €30 incl. tax


    Cities between 30 km and 50 km (according to google maps) from our headquarters in Brunoy: €50 incl. tax


    More than 50km according to google maps from our headquarters in Brunoy: €1 per km


    Paris: €50 incl. tax


    For all character animations:

    Cities between 0 and 30 km from our headquarters in Brunoy: free


    Cities between 30 and 50 km from our headquarters in Brunoy: €20 incl. tax


    Paris and cities 50 to 70 km from our headquarters: €40 incl. tax


    More than 70km according to google maps from our headquarters in Brunoy: 0.75€ per km


    In case of traffic, accidents or incidents on the road leading to the place of animation, we decline any responsibility for the delay of the animator or the impossibility of going to the place of animation in time.

  • Safety of equipment and people

    The animator who will lead the party is an artist, so his role is not to supervise the children. His role as an artist is to animate and in no case can he be held responsible for custody or surveillance. We would like the presence of a parent or an adult.

    During the event, the Cameron Show AnniversaryLand representative (the host) should not be alone on site. We refuse to take any responsibility: theft, loss of funds and valuables. If the event is in a public place, at least 2 adults must be present (excluding the Cameron Show AnniversairreLand facilitator (s)).
    We are also not responsible for bodily or material injuries that may occur during the event, or for a child who has beaten or injured another child.
    We are not responsible for any damage caused by participants to material on the  location of the event. Repairs and  the necessary refunds which intervene after the degradation will be chargeable to the customer.

    The customer will be held responsible for any damage to equipment belonging to Cameron Show AnniversaryLand resulting from children causing the damage to the equipment.

  • Litigation and complaints

    Complaints about incidents can be made by calling us directly or by email. 

    We are in no way responsible for food poisoning. Any complaint will be redirected to our supplier.

  • Inflatable

    The customer is responsible for maintaining the safety of the inflatable structure. The facilitator does not in any way play the role of supervisor. His role as an artist is to animate  and he cannot be held responsible for custody or surveillance.


    The customer will be held responsible for any damage to the inflatable structure belonging to Cameron Show AnniversaryLand due to children causing the damage to the equipment. Cameron Show AnniversaryLand will therefore charge the remainder of the compensation price in the event of damage ordered by:

    - from 250 € per structure of 4 children

    - € 75 per structure of 2 children


    In case of rain and if the house cannot accommodate the structure of 4 children, we will refund the deposit and no payment will be made.

  • Programme 2h par défaut

    Programme 2h par défaut - Déroulement au choix parmi :


    - Une arrivée en personnage: L'aventurier pirate / la fée des bois s'inspirant des Pirates des Caraïbes et de la Fée Clochette. L'animateur ou l'animatrice accueille et maquille les enfants qui le désirent, le temps du regroupement

    - Une mini pièce de théâtre de 10 minutes rappelant les milles et une nuits s'inspirant d'Aladin et Jasmine, avec la participation des enfants

    - Des tours de magie interactifs avec une cape digne de son nom, recherchée à Poudlard par Harry Potter

    - Spectacle lunaire avec des effets lumineux s'inspirant du film Disney : Tron (une pièce non exposée à la lumière serait préférable pour ce spectacle)

    - Jeux collectifs au choix répartis entre les spectacles avec vos chansons préférées (Fortnite, Wonder Woman, Peppa Pig, Miraculous, Mickey Minnie, Wonder Woman, Harry potter, Avengers, Koh lanta, Sonic, Mario, Pikachu, Titouni, Fée, Minions...) : jeux de danse et de chansons, pêche aux canards, chasse au trésor, jeux de courses, jeux de taupe géant, bowling géant, course en sac, tir à la corde

    - Apparition de la mascotte choisie et séance photo (un vrai spectacle intéractif avec votre mascotte préférée est proposé, avec l'option spectacle mascotte et gâteau. Vous aurez alors une heure en plus d'animation. Pour les enfants souhaitant une heure en plus de prestation et un gâteau sans mascotte ni spectacle, prière de vous diriger au texte souligné ci-dessous).


    Selon la demande, peut être inclus gratuitement dans votre événement : spectacle de marionnettes, spectacle de danse (un spectacle de costume dansant et de vache robot marrante de 12 minutes avec des effets lumineux captivants et innovants, décors, du jonglage de chapeau, du robot, et des habits spécialement conçus par un styliste. Une commémoration spéciale «MICHAEL JACKSON» exclusive avec ses 3 meilleurs tubes sera incluse.)

  • Frais de créneaux / réservation dernières minutes

    Pour le créneau le plus demandé entre 14h-17h30, un supplément de 15€ est applicable pour les formules 2h et 3h. Pour la formule 1h un supplément de 50€.


    Des frais de réservation de 30€ s'appliquent pour les réservations de dernières minutes J-5 jours, de 50€ pour H-24 et de 100€ pour H-12.