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Duck fishing game pond game with inflatable pool - Without Animator

Duck fishing game pond game with inflatable pool - Without Animator

SKU: 364215376135199

Duck fishing game with inflatable pool 4 rods and 35 ducks.


Rental per day

  • Rental reservation

    The reservation of the rental of the structure must be made by phone or e-mail. It is only confirmed when a return from us by confirmation e-mail. All reservations are final. If you want to know more, we invite you to contact us first by email or phone.
    After receiving the request, Cameron Show AnniversaryLand contacts the customer to confirm the reservation date.
    We do not assume any responsibility for a rental without its written confirmation by us in order to guarantee the requested date. Without receipt of the animation form, no date can be blocked. 
    Any modification of the fixed date of the animation must be made in writing (sent by the client to our e-mail address followed by a telephone call from him to confirm the good reception of it) at least one week before the expected date of rental.  

  • Rental regulations

    In order to facilitate the processing of customer requests, you should use the reservation form. The information on this form is used to process the order. This information will not be passed on to third party companies for any purpose.
    Under an SSL protocol, the deposit is paid securely via Paypal or bank transfer.
    No human intervention is required during the payment process.

  • Equipment damage during rental

    The customer is responsible for any damage to equipment belonging to Cameron Show AnniversaryLand as a result of restless children causing the damage to the equipment. Cameron Show AnniversaryLand will therefore charge the entire deposit. The damage costs amount to 40 € to pay.

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